Virginia Lupu is a photographer living and working in Bucharest. Her practice is as raw and straightforward as the medium she uses: analog photography. With terrific energy and inexhaustible curiosity she plunges into all sort of subjects, the more controversial/morally challenging the better. Virginia has always accepted adrenaline involved in portraying reality as it is, approaching her subjects with kindness and no prejudice. She has dedicated three years of sustained photographic attention to the lives,dramas,promiscuities,intimate details,parties,anguishes,sexualities and moral geographies of a not-very-socially-active group of people. Her work is a reminder of the fact that we are all the same after all,we only interpret/see/understand/perceive/feel things differently. Virginia’s position as an adopted member of the transgender comunity in Bucharest not observer and the relation the scene-connected artworks entertain to the very socio-aesthetic they put on display are two factors that explain the comfort in the subjects attitude. All her subjects are posing for a friend,for someone they deeply trust. They’re showing off without showing off. In april 2016 she integrated her work within the white cube of the Suprainfinit Gallery (Virginia Lupu solo show: tossing and turning, crushing and teasing, breaking and shaping, curated by Adriana Tranca) as if put under observation suggest a critical reevaluation of the tools,strategies, and paradigms which we have come to work in morally challenging situations.