Viktor Vejvoda was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and graduated in 2015. Viktor took part of several residencies such as ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik), Elia Amsterda residency, Egon Schiele Český Krumlov and lately residency at Wuri Art Musuem, Incheon, Korea. His main research interest is in the aspect of the society and its issues. The recent publications are: True is; Where Trash is, set of 32 postcards, Berlin, 2017; TT Menu For Openhouse, Trojan Tactics studio, Berlin, 2016; Trash Fruits, Trojan Tactics studio, Amsterdam, 2016; LOS, with Markéta Mráckova and Bára Šimonová, 2015; Kiosk, 2013; Mastné stánky, 2012; Poetická Politická Pohádka , 2012; Drevo, 2011; East:West, 1:0, 2009.


Continual manifesto of self-education and pro-community knowledge and machinery sharing. Research about different styles, matter and typology of hair inside Art and Culture micro-society. Observing of reactions of Hair Internet Participants, once their head is being clipped.
List of engaged hair: Czechoslovak, French, Galician, South African, German, Turkish, Korean, Austrian, Chilean, Australian, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Malaysia, Korean, Hon Kong

Adi Matei (RO) and Thomas Tsang (HK) – Hair Internet Performance









Kishinev Mustache, performed on border of Rep. Moldava and Romania. Credit photo Dan Vezentan.













2017, Bucovina – Kishinev
Watermelon from Zidaru family, transported to several places, cooled and cared and donated to personnel of Cosmos hotel, Kishinev.














2017, Romania, Czech Republic.
Only souvenir I bought and brought from Mobile Biennial was several packages of Pufuleţi. I shared them among Praha people, I told stories from trip.