Lucia Ghegu currently lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. She studied engineering, fine arts and industrial design, but drawing was always an important part in her works. She chooses drawing as a solution against hyper technologisation tendency, being a spontaneous immediate reaction, a quick note, from which she can understand the relations between herself and outside world. Her works offer an introspective and radical vision upon her relation with home, family, human relations and spaces. She very often builds imaginary houses, portraits of her family members and self-representations. Her personal history marked her practice, being closely related to notions of community and migration. Concepts as membership, alienation and memory come back frequently in her works. In the past years, Lucia’s artistic practice has developed on the side of the object design. Using reverse engineering she builds objects that follow the rules of aesthetics, but they are absolutely useless. The impossibility to fulfil a certain function, the failure to perform the basic function, or uselessness are other recurrent themes in her works.


I made seven traps like cages that we create around us, where we are free to enter or leave, which we can bypass, or turning into our comfort zone. The aim of this project is to investigate both the personal space and and space negotiations in the relations with others.  I am interested in people’s need to create a comfort zone in various situations and settings where we need to interact and relate both to the space we are in and to other people. Traps do not fulfill their role, they are false traps, whoever is free to come in or out of them, space delimitation is fictitious.

(Ink and print on paper)