Laura Tammen (born 1981) is a Barcelona based Art Historian and Cultural Manager. In 2007 she finished her studies of Art History, Cultural Anthropology and Spanish Philology at the University of Bonn with a master’s thesis on “Chillida’s Peines del Viento: Aspects of an existential experience of space in public art”.
Laura worked as Gallery Manager for Kewenig Galerie (Cologne, Germany and Palma de Mallorca, Spain) and as Associate Director for Galeria Senda (Barcelona, Spain), where she worked closely together with international mid-career and renowned artists as well as private and public art collections.
Since 2016 she is operating as independent curator and advisor for emerging artists. Together with her project partner Tsering Frykman-Glen, she co-founded Tangent Projects, a curatorial endeavour without any commercial bias and with experimentation encouraged. Tangent Projects is interested in gender questions, post-colonialism and neo-avantgardistic approaches, believing in the power of art and positive influence within society.