Images – Mobile Biennale 2

Day 1 – The opening day at George Enescu Arts Universities, Iasi, Romania. The day when people get to know each other.

Day 2 – Visit to the Purcica Mud Baths. Matei Bejenaru, one of the participants, proposed a reflection on the harsh industrial work in the current Romanian context by visiting the MAE cast iron foundry in Iasi. The second part of the day was followed by a coach trip to Targu Neamt. In the evening, various gatherings and discussions.

Day 3 –  We crossed the Bucovina region by bus and visited the Neamt Fortress and the Putna Monastery. For evening, discussions and movement around the Ping Pong table and the punching bag. On this day the Art was integrated with the movement.

Day 4 – Visit at the Zidaru family in Bucovina region. A complex and a very hot day: culinary temptations, enjoyment, laziness, presentations and discussions about art and the protest culture.

Day 5 –  We crossed the Moldavia region to go to Chișinău in Republic of Modova. More then 10 hours spent in the coach to reach the Cosmos hotel.

Day 6 –  Walk through the city of Chisinau in one of the warmest days in the last 30 years, over 50 ° C at ground level. Our guide in Chisinau was Vladimir US, a local artist and social activist.

Day 7 – The last day of Mobile Biennale ended with a series of lectures and auditions proposed by Matei Bejenaru at the House of Light and Information in Iasi.