Dan Vezentan (b. 1978, Seini) lives and works as an artist and photographer in Bucharest. The artistic interest of Dan Vezentan is the animal husbandry, veterinary–zootechnic thematic, witch comes from his personal, childhood relationship with this field of work. He builds large installations witch are inspired from the animal coop shapes, barn architecture and technical farm equipment. Participating in exhibitions at MNAC Bucharest, Sandwich Gallery, Art Encounters 2017.





(Video, 55 sec. 2017)

During the Tour of Moldavia, I found and bought a pecking chicken toy from a local market in Gura Humorului ( Romania ).
As I am fascinated by domestic animals and consider myself a responsible householder, I started to play with that toy since then, feeding the happy hens at least three times per day.The video shows the chickens beeing fed in various locations across Europe, starting from Iasi and ending to Kassel and Munster. The hens love to travel among biennale visitors, but they never go without eating first.They produce a repetitive hypnotic sound when the counterweight is rotated clockwise, and a military sound when the toy is moved from one side to another.The origins of this wooden traditional toy are from Russia, but it was exportet in most of the east european countries. If you’re watching closely the video, there are 2 different toys: one from Romania and the other from Hungary, but looking pretty much the same.