Dan Acostioaei (b. 1974) is a visual artist and he holds a teaching position at “George Enescu” Arts University in Iași. He is one of the founding members of Vector Association. “My works originate in the fascination with the overlaps between consumer relations, the institutionalization of mysticism and the spectacularisation of politics through forms of reverence similar to the belief in transubstantiation. The discontinuity of the cultural territory and the duplicitous contradictions between the spectacle of the contemporary art and the social commitment are reflected interrogatively, with irony and self-irony, in designing sets and choreographing associations on the verge of absurdity. My concern with the marginal condition of the provincial contemporary artist related to the exercise of power at different levels of institutional hegemony interpolates most often in the “situations” imagined by me through the speculation of the religious language specific to the Christian Orthodox ritual, interfered with fragments of media language, where the liturgical becomes design, lifestyle or mundanity.” Selected exhibitions: In Times of Hope and Unrest. Critical Art from Iași, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; Bucharest (2015); Laughter and Forgetting, Bucharest Art Week, Bucharest (2015); Few Were Happy with their Condition: Video and Photography in Romania, Motorenhalle, Dresden (2015); Between Democracies 1989-2014 – Remembering, Narrating and Reimagining the Past in Eastern & Central Europe and South Africa, Johannesburg, Constitution Hill (2015); MPRA The School of Kyiv, Kiev Biennale (2015); What Goes Around, Theodor Pallady Gallery, Jassy (2013, solo); Trial/Proces, Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, Münster (2012, solo); One Sixth of the Earth – Ecologies of Image, MUSAC, Leon (2012); Transitland: Video Art in Central and Eastern Europe 1989-2009, Reina Sofia, Madrid (2010); Illuminations, Level 2 Gallery, Tate Modern, London (2007).