Arantxa Etcheverria was born in France in 1975, she’s living in Romania since 2006. She studied visual art at Villa Arson in Nice, and scenography and costumes at the National Theatre of Strasbourg. She have materialized a series of solo exhibitions exploring the contemporary art paradigm, “Interiors” (2017, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest), “Architectures” Baril Gallery, (2016, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj), “Comedia” Art On Display Project, (2015, Musette Kube, Bucharest), “Given a Random Point” (Atelier 35, curators Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunteanu, Bucharest), “Studio/Structures” Anexa MNAC (2013, The National Contemporary Museum of Art of Romania). Her works have been present in numerous collective exhibitions: “Art Encounters”, “La vie mode d’emploi”, (2017 Biennial for Contemporary Art, Timisoara), “Media Art Festival” (2016, Art Museum of Arad), “ReRe. Overiding Design with Art and Vice-Versa” (2016,ICR Vienna), “A silent dialogue” (2016 ElectroPutere Gallery, Craiova), “Video Zoom Romania” ( 2015, Museo di Roma, Roma, Italy).


Mobile Biennial” not only transports us geographically but also urges us to question our ideas related to a work of art: the tour of Moldavia becomes in this way a work of art in itself. Unable to attend the Biennial in person, I made the proposal of living this experience in my place to somebody else, namely, to Ada Musat, one of the models with whom I collaborate on a project that takes place at my studio. Ada embodies the possibility of an experience I could have had myself. Quantum physics, in its popularised form, teaches us that one particle includes the entire range of its overlayered possibilities, to the same degree to which twin particles, that cannot be dissociated, can exist in a state of intricate connection, even when separated by great distances. Through the presence of Ada, who embodies my alter ego and lives an experience I could have had myself, I makes my specter of life visible. I materialise the possibilities that surround my own trajectory and that actually enrich it.