Andreea-Lorena Bojenoiu

Andreea Lorena Bojenoiu (ALB) (b. 1989, Brasov, Romania) is a painter and doctoral student of the National University of Arts Bucharest. In her paintings, the formalism and abstraction are the result of a process of reflection on the primordial image, the arche-image, the image that is outside of the reading codes that automatically transforms it into a representation. From this perspective, the performative character of his artistic practice is appropriate to research into an analysis the communicative potential of painting, in a world where the image is highly publicized and digitally produced. Solo exhibitions: Exercise For Image Decoding, ElectroPutere Gallery (2017, Craiova, Romania) SKINND, Suprainfinit Gallery, (2015, Bucharest, Romania). Grup exhibition: Dispositions in Time and Space, National Museum of Contemporary Art (2014, Bucharest, Romania), Apparent and EssenceTimisoara, Art Encounters Biennale (2015, Timisoara, Romania).


BLACK GROUND  (2017), acrilyc on canvas, 160×100 cm.
By referring to a schedule of a trip, ALB performs a painting based on a working schedule to be carried on an period of time. Following a minutely pre-established schedule, multiple layers of acrylic colour are applied in large quantities on the surface of an oversized canvas, until it starts peeling off due to overloading. The artist’s intention is to perform a repetitive action prolonged until its own collapse. The act of forcing the limits through constant overloading makes all the difference.